Are you tired of seeing everyone boast about the gains they made with EverMoon?
Don't worry, because we have something even better for you:

NeverMoon [$NOMOON], the meme that will make you question your life choices and ponder the mysteries of the universe. NeverMoon isn't your ordinary cryptocurrency. We believe in taking the long and winding road to success.
While other tokens promise you the moon, we promise you something even more incredible:

An endless journey to the moon that never quite reaches its destination.

A rollercoaster ride to nowhere, but with significantly high txn fees! Every transaction is a nail-biting experience, as you wonder whether you'll finally break through the stratosphere or crash back down to Earth. Exciting, right?
But wait, there's more!
NeverMoon [NOMOON] comes with a one-of-a-kind feature:

Lunar Lottery

Every 24 hours, a lucky holder of NeverMoon will be randomly chosen to receive a virtual space suit, complete with a jetpack and zero-gravity boots.

Now, we know what you're thinking :

Q. "But what if I actually want to make money?"
A. Fear not, dear investor.

Staking [999000 Day Lock-Up]

NeverMoon offers a unique staking system that allows you to earn interest by locking away your tokens for eternity. That's right, we'll keep your hard-earned coins safe in a vault on the dark side of the moon, where they will remain untouched by human hands or market fluctuations.
Your financial failure is inevitable.

$NOMOON Steps-Image


100 Billion

$NOMOON Supply

4% Buy Tax

1% Auto LP
1% Engine Refuel
2% Marketing

4% Sell Tax

1% Auto LP
1% Engine Refuel
2% Marketing

Wallet and Tx

Max wallet 2%
Max tx 2%


- Stealth launch.
- 500 holders.
- 1000 Telegram members.
- CG and CMC listing.
- 1000 holders.
- 2000 Telegram members.
- CEX listing.
- Re-route tax to buyback/burn/LP.
- Fully autonomous operation.